Patent Analytics

The TurboPatent Machine performs highly efficient, deep analysis of assets throughout the patenting process to improve quality, and to inform decisions related to risk, valuation, acquisition, pruning and practitioner evaluation.

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Patent Documents

Our expert patent engineers operate The TurboPatent Machine to deliver high quality applications, Office action shells and responses at a fraction of the cost and turn-around time of the traditional, human-centered practices.

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The TurboPatent Machine

There is a business maxim called the “Triple Constraint," which states that between time, cost, and quality, you can only improve two out of the three, and always at the expense of the third.  The TurboPatent Machine is the core technology behind TurboPatent products and was developed to break the Triple Constraint for the patent industry.  Like CAD for engineering, the cloud for IT infrastructure, and robotics for manufacturing, the TurboPatent Machine raises the bar for the patent industry, allowing for an extreme increase in quality while greatly reducing cost and turn-around time.  We utilize the power of the TurboPatent Machine to rapidly evaluate the quality and value of patent assets, creating quality reports for individual patent assets as well as entire portfolios.  The TurboPatent Machine also allows our Patent Engineers to generate patent documents at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional methods and with significantly higher quality.

The TurboPatent Machine is a set of technologies specially designed to automate and streamline patent drafting, prosecution, and quality evaluation. The TurboPatent Machine evaluates patent quality by utilizing advanced patent-specific algorithms, natural language processing, and machine learning to identify technical defects within a patent asset.  The Machine is trained using the USPTO's patenting guidelines as well as statistical models based on thousands of recently granted patents to ensure the most accurate, up-to-date results. The TurboPatent Machine, when applied to patent document preparation, enables TurboPatent to rapidly generate patent assets of the utmost quality.  When applied to drafted applications and patents, the TurboPatent Machine enables the rapid quality review of patent assets —from individual applications to full portfolio reviews.